About Us

“Urbis centar” was founded in Banja Luka in 2010 by experienced and proven experts from different fields, who have built their career working in urban and spatial planning, designing, preparation of detailed design documents and generally, a wide range of tasks related to development, organization, and physical planning.

This is how a young company, with respectful personnel, was created and it can be categorized as one of the leading enterprises in the region, dealing with tasks of spatial and urban planning, design, environment protection, traffic, and other areas of physical planning.  The company’s founders joined their forces with a goal of creating a company that, through its performance, would contribute to the development of different society aspects and space usage in its own domain, using state-of-the-art trends and technologies, long term experience and knowledge gained from practice.  

It is our goal to create a high-quality product that will meet the strictest European standards and be recognizible, implementable, environmentally friendly, by using and protection of resources from the immediate environment.  In our future work, through cooperation with the local and wider community, we will perform both the development of our company and comunity we are living in, as well.