Designing – designing of structural systems, civil construction, hydrotechnics, electrical energetics thermoenergetics, telecommunications, and traffic.

Designing is a precisely elaborated and future-oriented acting system. It is the scientific discipline and activity dealing with space organization issues and defining all elements of its shaping and constitution. During a design process a vision of a specific space presentation of structural systems, civil construction or infrastructure lines is created.

Based on a defined program of construction, all integral factors of a future project are encompassed by a design. Designing is a set of different operations, that has a goal to achieve a specific functional and shaped solution of a defined object or infrastructure line. Traffic engineering may be defined as a phase in engineering which deals with application of technical and scientific principles with the goal to enable efficient, environmentally acceptable, economically feasible and safe movement of people and goods across street and road network.

Various sorts of designs of structural systems, civil construction, hydrotechnics, electrical energetics, telecommunications, and traffic designed by “Urbis centar” d.o.o. Banja Luka staff are a token of their competence and dedication.